Rapaport Small Diamond Index Down 1% in 2Q

Rapaport Small Diamond Index Down 1% in 2Q Rapaport Auctions
Sell Over 100,000cts in 2Q 2013.
The Rapaport Melee Index (RMI™) for small diamonds decreased by 1% to 134.24 during the second quarter of 2013. Year on year the index is up 9.6% from its level of 122.48, recorded in June 2012.
Overall melee diamond prices increased during the first half of 2013 but have started to decline in the past two months due to tight liquidity and the sharp rupee depreciation. Indian diamond cutters, who are the primary manufacturers of small diamonds, have reduced production and are laying off workers. 
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“Diamond markets are cautious with prices under pressure as severe currency and credit issues in India reduce market liquidity and confidence. While Chinese and Far East growth has slowed, stable U.S. demand is holding up the market. We expect the market to pick up for small diamonds towards the end of the summer with healthy U.S. demand and foreign buyers shifting to lower qualities and smaller sizes.” said Ezi Rapaport, Director of Global Trading, Rapaport Group.

Rapaport Diamond Auctions sold over 100,000 carats of diamonds for $19.9 million during the second quarter of 2013. Rapaport Auctions continue to provide a safe and reliable platform for sellers to achieve fair market value for their recycled diamonds while attracting the strongest buyers in the market. The consistency and broad reach of the auctions allow Rapaport to achieve steady cash flow and liquidity for clients, despite difficult market conditions.
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