KRUX range of Stationery launched by Chrysal Retail

KRUX range of Stationery launched by Chrysal Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Offering office and school 
stationery products in India

The Company will also distribute stationery products by TiTi, 
a South Korean stationery products manufacturing Company for children

Mumbai, April 2014: Chrysal Group is a company which has verticals in Realty, Hospitality with brands like Kailash Parbat &Kailasa chain of restaurants, Fashion with brands such as, Keeda & Kudos and Media with prominent brands such as Kaliedo, Thought Rains and vvidia.

After successfully reinvigorating their business in real estate, fashion, hospitality and media, Chrysal group has launched the brand KRUX under Chrysal Retail Pvt. Ltd. continuing its tradition to provide best quality and innovative products in contemporary designs at affordable prices, Chrysal group has vertically integrated into stationery products.
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KRUX advanced range products will be available in all retail stationery stores in Western India, serving the teacher-student and office community.

Speaking on the occasion,MrBrij Mohan Arya, Director and CFO Chrysal Groupsaid, "KRUX is yet another symbol of our belief in innovation, excellence and diversification to serve our consumers. 
Displaying Mr. Brij Mohan Arya, Director & CFO, Chrysal Group, and Kangana Ranaut at the launch of KRUX Stationery by Chrysal Retail Pvt Ltd_1.JPG

With the use of KRUX Stationery Products, consumers and retailers will be able to lend a satisfying consumer experience, since the products will be of good quality and economical to use.”

The stationery product range for school includes:
·         Wax Crayons
·         Twist Crayons
·         Colour Pencils in 12 and 24 shades,
·         Acid free Oil Pastels in 15 and 50 shades,
·         Tempera Colours and Poster Colours in 6 and 12 shades,
·         3 varieties of HB Pencils, Sharpener, scale, eraser, Rounder & Geometry Box.

KRUX product range of offices includes White Board Markers, Twin Markers available in four different colours, Mechanical Pencil, Correction Pen & Special Tape. The major advantage of White Board Markers is that it is Cartridge based for smooth and long writing length, wherein the self-life of the product starts once consumer fits the cartridge inside the marker for use unlike other marker. Twin Marker can write on OHP CDs’ also. The advantage of Twin Markers is that it has two size tips in one pen making it more user friendly and cost effective. KRUX Mechanical Pencil is different from others as it needs to be pressed just once for continuous use,whereas other available pencils in the market need to be pressed several times before and while using them.

Apart from this, the company will also distribute products of a South Korean Company called TiTi which provides best stationery products for children.

Stationery range under brand name KRUX is an appropriate bonding solution for corporate as well asschool goers.

About Chrysal Group:  We are a diversified conglomerate which foster entrepreneurial culture and think beyond the obvious. Our Group philosophy is “Open doors Open Minds”