Rudra Offshore Management organizes Training & Recruitment in the field of Oil & Gas industry


Rudra Offshore Management organizes 
Training & Recruitment
 in the field of Oil & Gas industry

Rudra Offshore Management Services & Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd. a Rudra group company having diversified activities including Engineering, Oil
& Gas, Training & Consultancy,  Media & Entertainment, and Communications. Engaged in the Oil & Gas Industry having offices  in Asia, Europe, Africa, is planning expansion into many other countries across different  continents. Rudra Offshore assists oil and gas companies to navigate through the changing  regulatory environment manage risks by providing Training & Development & recruitment  services to the oil and gas Industry, after which the candidates are also able to join  international companies Life saving safety training & technical skills are making them able to  reach to offshore drilling rigs platform”. According Mr. Rajesh Kaithwas, Chairman, Rudra  Offshore Management Services & Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

“The best part of being in offshore industry  is that they have to work for 29 days - hitch  and gets 29 days off while they get paid for  2 months. Oil field jobs offer better pay, job  security, and better benefits than most of  the industries. Considering that even a basic  entry level position like Roustabout pays  quite a high salary, followed by Roughneck;  it doesn’t stand for easy money  but hard work, and the willingness to work  for longer hours can reap the benefits. Life  saving safety training & technical skills are  making them able to reach to offshore  drilling rigs platform” says Mr. Rajesh  Kaithwas – Chairman of Rudra Offshore  Management Services & Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd., an oil & gas division  of Rudra Group of Companies. 

Mr. Kaithwas has dedicated over decades of his life, creating a marvelous journey of belief,  hard work, confidence and faith. This, for him is still the underpinning to the dreams he has for  India and Rudra Group of Companies. As a first generation entrepreneur, he has sailed the boat  through rough seas and is now setting ports across the Globe.With every day that passes, global energy demand is increasing. Developing nations like India  and China are fueling this increase in international energy demand and are only expected to continue to grow, which means great job security in the oil industry. Beyond all this, the drilling  industry is booming due to new innovations in hydraulic fracturing and shale gas. So, with  demand rising, drilling booming, and many workers retiring, it’s one of the best times that there  has ever been to go into drilling and this is why Roustabout Salaries and Roughneck Salaries are  so high.

It is surprising to know that common people don’t count the offshore oil & gas industry as a career option where they can comparatively earn four times more salary by investing half a  year.  He has an inherent passion for work; this zeal for work has helped him make a mark across  diverse industries like Engineering, Oil & Gas, Training & Consultancy, Media & Entertainment,  and Communications. As a person he’s always at the forefront for societal well-being; he has  also bridged the gap between the generous and the needy through his various CSR initiative.  RUDRA GROUP is a multifaceted organization across different fields like Engineering, Oil & Gas,  Training & Consultancy, Media & Entertainment, and Communications, managed  professionally as per international standards. Rudra Group of Companies was established in  year 2005. Over the years, as the company grew in reputation and size, it became evident that  there was a need to diversify into other industry-related businesses.  

The basic requirements to get an offshore job are to pass a drug test and a physical exam, be 18  years or more, HSC passed, Ready to work for 12 hours, Ready to work in offshore. They need  to acquire few certificates like STCW 95, Helicopter Underwater Escape, Oil & Gas Industry, Cap  holders, Fabricators & Welders from Rudra Offshore Management Services & Educational  Consultants Pvt. Ltd There are also a lot of perks to working in an offshore in addition to the heavy package salary.  Since many oil field workers work two weeks on, two weeks off, they literally get half of the  year off. All of their meals are paid for and prepared for them when on the job, they also won’t  have to do laundry or cleaning in the living quarters. 

The majority of rigs offshore will also have  a TV room, commons area, and weight room, insurance, opportunities to travel and investment  opportunities through their companies as well. With hard work, one can expect a promotion  from Roustabout to Roughneck within a year and in as few as six months. Roughnecks are paid  more because they have more experience than Roustabouts and as a result they do more  skilled work. After establishing themselves as a successful Roughneck in a few years, they can  expect to be promoted to Derrick Hand. After about five years of experience in roughneck job,  if they continue to do well, they can work their way up to Driller. The Driller is in charge of a  crew of Roughnecks. He or she is responsible for the rig’s machinery during drilling and making  sure that the rig operations run smoothly while drilling.