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Ultra HNIs Cautious With Prolonged Economic Slowdown, But Maintain Their Lifestyle

Mumbai, August 6, 2013: Kotak Wealth Management and CRISIL Research launched the third edition of the „Top of the Pyramid‟ report in Mumbai today. The report reveals the emerging trends about spending, investing and income patterns of India‟s Ultra High Networth Households (ultra HNHs) amidst prolonged economic uncertainty. In this edition, the report‟s special focus areas are: first, what a „luxury home‟ means to an Ultra High Networth Individual (ultra HNI) and their purchase pattern; and second, the understanding and importance of estate planning.

The report states that the number of Indian ultra HNHs is estimated to have grown to around 100,900 in 2012-13, and is expected to triple to around 329,000 over the next five years. Consequently, the net worth of ultra HNHs is estimated to surge 4.5 times from an estimated Rs.86 trillion (86,000 billion) in 2012-13, to Rs.380 trillion (380,000 billion) by 2017-18. What is interesting is that close to 46 per cent reside in non-metros (the report defines an ultra HNH as one with a minimum average net worth of Rs.250 million accumulated over the past 10 years).
Unlike last year, a large percentage of respondents believe that there is a downturn and an early recovery is not in sight, indicating a level of pessimism about the economy that was not seen last year. This has caused a change in the ultra HNIs‟ perception on spending: nearly a third of our respondents indicated that their spending has been adversely impacted. Although they continue to spend to maintain their lifestyle—thereby ensuring that their non-discretionary spend in the near term won‟t be curtailed—they are now exercising greater caution regarding discretionary purchases.

In keeping with their flamboyant lifestyle, they are seen spending lavishly on luxury homes, food, clothing, education, travel and family vacations.
The report further highlights that the choice of location is the predominant factor that drives an ultra HNI to purchase a luxury home. It is a status symbol for the ultra HNI and he goes to great lengths to ensure exclusivity. So, factors such as brand aspects relating to the architect/developer, architectural
significance, amenities on offer etc.—anything that offers a chance at exclusivity becomes a swing factor in the purchase. Interestingly, luxury home purchases by ultra HNIs are not confined to India. Driven by globalisation, comparable valuations overseas and investment considerations, more and more ultra HNIs are purchasing luxury properties abroad in places such as Singapore, London and Dubai.
Mr. C. Jayaram, Joint Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited, said, “The third edition of the Top of the Pyramid report has thrown up some interesting trends in various behavioural aspects of the ultra HNIs. While overall, non-discretionary spends continue to rise, caution has crept into discretionary purchases.”
“Real estate investments have always delivered good returns in India, which is indicated by data through all the three editions of the report. Ultra HNIs continue to be cautious with their investments and wealth preservation is gaining prime importance. The newer generation understands the essence of estate planning, which is still at a nascent stage in the country. The market survey revealed that close to 80% ultra HNIs believe Estate Planning is important, however only about 30% people have a private trust. It is our constant endeavour to offer best in-class products and services to our clients,” adds Mr. Jayaram.
Mr. Mukesh Agarwal, President, CRISIL Research, added, “Compared to last year, there is more pessimism among ultra HNIs this year about an early economic recovery. The caution that appears to be creeping into ultra HNI spending, particularly in discretionary spends should be an added concern. It is the entrepreneurial spirit of the business class, who form a significant share of the ultra HNI population in India, which has driven India‟s high economic growth in the last decade. Therefore, the need of the hour is to take further steps to spur an early economic recovery and revive domestic consumption. The unprecedented wealth creation that unfolded in the 1990s after economic liberalisation is a story that needs to be repeated. A rapid increase in the number of ultra HNIs will be a reflection of the success of the long-term India growth story.”
Discipline and capital protection continued to be the line on investments. Allocation to asset classes such as debt continued to be significant and real estate continued to be popular in 2012. Traditionally, investment in real estate is seen as medium risk in India but ultra HNIs are increasingly capitalising on opportunities such as distress sales as part of their short-term investments. In that sense, trends this year were not too dissimilar compared to last year.
The report also highlights that the estate planning business in India is still at a nascent stage but is slowly gaining importance. Many ultra HNIs understand that an efficient estate plan will ensure smooth succession of their estate to their heirs after their demise, protect the heirs against any possible disputes in future and ensure that requirements and needs of dependent and minor beneficiaries are taken care of. But quite a few of them do not yet think that it is a very serious issue. In the years ahead, the reliance on family CAs/lawyers will decrease because the newer generation of ultra HNI is more aware of the nuances of estate planning and the niche products that are being offered by professional wealth managers.
„Top of the Pyramid‟ is based on in-depth interviews with senior personnel at major global luxury brands, wealth managers, estate planners and product dealers, and an extensive market research with ultra HNIs across multiple cities. It is available free of cost, and can be downloaded from the Kotak Wealth Management and CRISIL websites.
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