Gadha Prasad of SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar

Gadha Prasad of SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar,

a devout Hanuman bhakt!

Gadhaprasad after a short break has joined the shoot of SAB TV’sChidiyaghar. It’s time for his fans to rejoice as their favouriteactor will entertain them once again with his unique antics. However,
Gadhaprasad feels that his return has much to do with his firm beliefon Lord Hanuman who helped his speedy recovery from his illness.

It is a lesser known fact that Gadhaprasad aka JeetuShivhare is adevout Hanuman bhakt in real life! Jeetu has been a regular visitor onLapataganj’s set and has been seen offering his prayers to the lord.
So, it became quite natural for him to first visit the hanuman idol toseek blessings of lord before starting to shoot for the show.

Though Jeetu’s love for the lord is unmatched for but, this Hanumnaidol on sets has been popular amongst the lapataganj cast especiallyBijiPandey aka Abbas Khan.
Abbas Khan too like Gadhaprasd is a devout follower of the lord hanuman.

Gadhaprasada.k.aJeetuShivhare said, “I ‘m glad to be shooting againfor the show and soon my fans will get to see more of me on the show.I am devout follower of lord Hanuman and I feel with his blessingsIrecovered faster and returned faster.Iam looking forward to shootingwith the cast soon.”

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